Advances in Hair Transplant Procedures

“Great strides have been made in hair restoration over the past 20 years… the use of smaller grafts has created a significantly improved natural appearance to the transplanted grafts. Inconsistent growth and survival of follicular grafts, however, has continued to be a problem that has perplexed hair restoration surgeons”

(Parsley, WM and Perez-Meza, D., J. Cutan, Aesthet Surgv.)

There are many factors that contribute to the final quality of a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant surgeons strive to control factors such as hydration, temperature, time out of body, and gentle handling of the transplant material. Once these basic factors have been accounted for, further improvements can be found only through addressing secondary factors such as operating techniques, graft care, storage solutions, and additives.

The Importance of Storage Media in Hair Transplant Procedures


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Of the remaining factors that can be addressed to improve the quality of a hair transplant procedure; ex vivo storage of follicular units prior to implantation is perhaps the most important. Hair transplant grafts are subjected to a series of stresses from the time they are removed from the body until revascularization is complete approximately 3 days post operation. Dehydration, mechanical trauma, hypoxia, ATP depletion, reperfusion injury, cold injury and lactic acid accumulation are all pitfalls that serve to reduce viability of the follicular graft.

HypoThermosol® storage solution is an optimized storage solution that has been shown to increase the viability of hair grafts following a period of ex vivo storage. HypoThermosol is used by some of the worlds leading hair transplant surgeons to address a critical point during hair transplant surgery and improve the viability of grafts, and follicular units prior to implantation.

HypoThermosol is formulated specifically to support tissue samples during hypothermic storage, and address the stresses of hypothermia with balanced ions and molecules, targeted pH buffering, and potent free radical scavengers that reduce hair follicle cell death via apoptosis and necrosis.

HypoThermosol is:

HTS 100 Grey anglecropped

    • Pre-Formulated
    • Serum-Free
    • Protein-Free
    • USP/Highest Quality Components
    • Sterility, Endotoxin, and Cell-Based Release Testing
    • Manufactured in compliance with FDA cGMP guidelines



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